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“I have one question;
What happens, hypothetically, if independence is achieved, what happens to those of us that want to go stateside and move all of our household goods and cars that may be financed and transfer to a federal job from the federal job we have here, that will shut down, like the VA, and all federal entities, WHAT WILL HAPPEN, as many may not have the resources to move everything or the funds to move it, and Puerto Rico has no right to restrict us taking our financed vehicles stateside, I want to know what will happen?. I do not think anyone has really asked this serious and straightforward question.”

This question, and all the other questions about what would happen if Puerto Rico chose independence, do not have simple answers. The true, simple answer would probably have to be, “Who knows? Anything could happen.”

Independence is very unlikely to win

Independence has never gotten more than 5% of any status vote. There has never been a governor elected from the Independence Party. This just isn’t a very popular option in Puerto Rico.

However, it is possible under the U.S. Constitution. And it is one of the options presented in The Puerto Rico Status Act.

So let’s imagine it.

Everything will be up to Puerto Rico

In The Puerto Rico Status Act, the definition of Independence says this:



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