One of the questions we often get is, “When will Puerto Rico become a state?” Good question.

Puerto Rico has met the qualifications for statehood: there is an organized government, a constitution approved by Congress, and enough people to make a populated state of the Union. Puerto Rico has already voted in favor of statehood, both in 2012 and in 2017, so what’s the deal?

First, there have been strong opponents of statehood in the leadership on the Island. Whether they believe the myth of commonwealth or have just been benefiting personally from Puerto Rico’s territorial status, they were strong enough to stir up controversy over the vote. A new vote took place on June 11, 2017, and 97% of voters chose statehood among the three options on the ballot.

The “commonwealth” and independence parties both called for a boycott of the vote, rather than trying to win outright, and are now trying to discredit the 2017 vote as they did the 2012 vote.

The “commonwealth” party has seen some changes now, as people across the Island recognize that the idea of “enhanced commonwealth” was never a real possibility. It is becoming clear that independence (with or without free association) and statehood are the only real choices.

Recent presidents from both major U.S. political parties have spoken up for statehood for Puerto Rico. Both parties express support for Puerto Rico’s choice of status in their current political platforms. Since Puerto Rican voters once again chose statehood rather than independence, there is no reason to think that the U.S. government will not welcome Puerto Rico as the 51st state.

The ball is in Congress’s court.

If you live in one of the states, make sure that your friends and family on the Island understand the benefits of statehood. And make sure that you communicate with your representatives in Washington.



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      • Well, is not quite like that.
        Puerto Rico was militarized for a long time, and puertoricans were disappointed that the land of the free will kept them like their personal toys. So puertoricans were looking to be independent from the United States, but the presidents basically will say that was not an option. They were political movement that tried to be free from the United States and guess what happened? A law was created called “La ley de la Mordaza” anyone who will even applaud to a revolutionary comment or show some kind of discontent with the United Stated government will pay the price. Puertorican flags were destroy and were illegal, any show of patriotism is still considered pretty much socially unacceptable except if you are for an athletic victory, or in something related to politics.
        One of the reason Puerto Rico is no longer actively seeking for independence is because they think the United States won’t let us. The bankruptcy the United States made sure Puerto Rico will not be a competition to them, with really high taxes. We don’t pay federal taxes so they don’t have to offer the statehood unless they want. They force Puerto Rico to only use US ships which are the more expensive. In Puerto Rico puertorican products are more expensive because they have to be send to the United States to be approved and the send back to Puerto Rico so you end up paying a lot more for the puertorican products than for products that came from the United Stated. By the way Puerto Rico receive annually from the federal government 4. 6 billons. 8.9 billion are given back to Puerto Rico from the taxes. Puerto Rico buy form to the United States approximately 22.6 billion dollars in products. Megastores generated from Puerto Rico is 34 billion. The Cabotage law Puerto Rico pay 1. 5 billon. So Puerto Rico get 4. 6 Billion dollars from United States and give back approximately 71 billion dollars.

      • Your statement if full of holes. Puerto Rico has been actively seeking statehood since the invasion; formally as,a party since the late 60’s. This argument needs to be fair and balanced but I see how disconnected some are with their own history.

      • Can you read? They voted YES in 2012 and YES again in June 2017 before the hurricane. They have met all of the requirements.

    • Well my friend . I respect your beliefs. But is way too late for Puerto Rico to be a republic.. those day are over. Now I’m pretty sure that you are living in the mainland, enjoying the benefits of the statehood. Why you don’t want the same for our people in the island , anyway statehood is very near.

  1. According to the Third Flag Resolution, passed by Congress in 1818, every time a new state is added to the Union, a new star is added to the USA flag on the Fourth of July following the admission of that state. So, if Puerto Rico becomes a state on January 1, 2021, you would expect to see a 51st star (provided that anther state not is added to Union before Puerto Rico) on July 4, 2021. Many people do not realize that the USA has changed its flag more times than any other country. A lot of states were added to Union after 1818. The 51st star on the USA flag will be the twenty-eighth time that the USA has had to change it’s flag. Aren’t academic points fun?

  2. 51st Star?? I rather have the number 1 Star. Our Star!! Yes a State. A sovereign and independent State. Puerto Ricans don’t be afraid to be free. Independent and sovereignty is the only healthy way for Puerto Rico. Be who you are, a Puerto Rican!

    • We have been trying to do that since 1952 with the ELA. Where have you been. Abiously we don’t know how to do that.

    • My family has been serving in the US military for many years. They serve and die for for the good old USA! Do your homework. Read about the Arawoks and the Tiano indians. Puerto Rico mi encanta!

    • I will give you credit for one thing only…for a “yankifobico” you use thevEnglish well…now get out of the dark side and come join the force!

  3. Correction – Puerto Ricans did NOT vote to become a state in the U.S. The most recent plebiscite there showed that no more than about 44% voted in favor of statehood. There were enough people who cast a protest vote of an option not on the ballot to make the difference. True, technically, these protest votes were “invalid” according to the rules of the vote, but the vote was non-binding and never had any force of law in the first place. So, the message is that there is NOT a clear majority of Puerto Ricans who are in favor of becoming the 51st state of the U.S. Unfortunately.,_2012

      • I’m 100% Puerto Rican born and raise I came to the United States when I was in eight years old Puerto Rico cannot Republic we will starve to death we serve the military all the Puerto Ricans who live in the United States are police officers firefighters EMTs paramedics my gift our lives to help our American brothers and sisters it’s time for us to be State 51

    • We have showed our preference for statehood. The other party boycotts the referenda because they will never vote for a mechanism that will dissolve their source of political power. You only count if you vote.



  6. 51st State will allow the already American people known as Puerto Rican’s to have a power in vote, this is a democratic country and they should be allowed to vote

    • Ok, a lot people will die in Puerto Rico. Many of them live of Social Security and federal benefits, with out that how are they going to survive? With out Section 8 and more.
      Hello ! Are you going to support them.

      • Well my friend . I respect your beliefs. But is way too late for Puerto Rico to be a republic.. those day are over. Now I’m pretty sure that you are living in the mainland, enjoying the benefits of the statehood. Why you don’t want the same for our people in the island , anyway statehood is very near.

  7. Enough with the game of if is GOING to be be a state or no . PPD had being the most corrupted party in the Puertorican ‘s history. The reasons why is because is how the keep stealing the money that the people of PR received from the mainland for schools, securities, medical and to fix our roads . Meaning that they pack the money and the people are the one who pays the price . As well as when all the plebiscites they robbed the real answer of what really the people’s want to become . Statehood. Its time that the USA make Puerto Rico into statehood. Under a territory the island will continue to dismantle into nothing. We losing it all . Wake up Washington D.C.. it is time to make the change that is obviously what the island needs . Or the migration of Puertoricans will become massive. PR is in a bad position thanks to a status that is not longer working.

  8. My family left PR for a better life and more of my family are coming here to USA to this day. Why do they still vote Democrat after seeing what the Democrat party has done to the island?

  9. They don’t speak english, the only people who speaks english are the ones governing it who were born and raised in the U.S. and born in Puerto Rico grew up in the U.S. if you noticed during the hurricanes destroyed their island. The majority of the people speaks only spanish. The only reason why they want a statehood is because they want to be taking care of more. Right now they are called welfare state.

    • Listen moron , dont hate . We speak 2 languages. So that make us smarter. That you’re a coward. You tell me anonymously your 🖕

  10. Stay the way we are Puerto Rico belong to the Caribbean stay as a commonwealth. Pan teira y Libetad.Munoz Marin. And keep our identity as Puerto Rican

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