“While many feel despair and frustration at the state of our country, there are many who still believe in the potential and promise of America,” says George Laws Garcia in this video.  “We envision an opportunity for everyone in America to come together to end colonial rule in Puerto Rico. Stop the colony, join the movement, let Puerto Rico decide and make America a more perfect union.”

The United States of America is a nation that prides itself on democracy, freedom, and justice for all. However, there is a dark reality that many Americans overlook: the continued colonial rule of Puerto Rico. While Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, its residents do not have the same rights or representation as those living in the 50 states. This has caused hardship and frustration for the people of Puerto Rico, who have long been calling for an end to colonial rule.

Why does America allow this to continue?

Many Americans may not even be aware of the situation in Puerto Rico. The Island is often portrayed as a tropical paradise, a place to vacation or retire. But the reality for Puerto Ricans is much different. The island is home to 3.2 million people who are American citizens, but who do not have full access to the rights and privileges afforded to those in the states. Puerto Ricans cannot vote for the President of the United States, nor do they have voting representatives in Congress. They are subject to federal laws, but do not receive the same benefits or protections as those in the states.

This unequal treatment has led to a growing movement in Puerto Rico to end colonial rule and achieve full self-determination. The movement is made up of people from all walks of life — young and old, rich and poor, from all political parties and ideologies. They are united by a shared belief that Puerto Rico deserves the same rights and opportunities as the rest of the United States.

This belief reflect the basic tenets of American values.

The movement to end colonial rule in Puerto Rico is not just about Puerto Ricans. It is about the promise and potential of America. The United States was founded on the principles of democracy and self-determination. We fought a war for independence from colonial rule, and we have championed those same ideals around the world. But we cannot ignore the fact that we still have a colony in our own backyard.

It’s time to stop the colony

Ending colonial rule in Puerto Rico would be a major step forward for the United States. It would be a recognition that we are not living up to our own values and principles. It would be an opportunity to build a more perfect union, one where every citizen has equal rights and representation.

Of course, there are those who argue that Puerto Rico should remain a territory, or that statehood is not the answer. They argue that Puerto Rico is too different from the rest of the United States, or that statehood would be too costly. But these arguments are not based in reality. Puerto Rico is a diverse and vibrant society, but it is also deeply connected to the United States. Puerto Ricans have fought and died for our country in every major war since the American Revolution. They are American citizens who have contributed to our economy, our culture, and our society.

As for the cost of statehood, studies have shown that Puerto Rico would be a net positive for the United States. The island has a skilled workforce. It is home to major industries like pharmaceuticals and aerospace, and has the potential to become a hub for renewable energy. Statehood would also bring much-needed federal resources to the island, including access to healthcare and education programs.

Puerto Rico has already voted for statehood and against the current territorial status. The movement to end colonial rule in Puerto Rico is growing stronger every day. It is time for all Americans to stand with them, and to demand an end to this unjust and unequal system.

The movement to end colonial rule in Puerto Rico is not just about Puerto Ricans – it is about the promise and potential of America. It is about living up to our values and principles, and building a more perfect union. It is about recognizing that all American citizens deserve equal rights and the dignity and power of statehood.

Join us today. We can’t go back. Join us moving forward.



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