CIENCIA Puerto Rico, a science-focused educational initiative, received a grant from the Jet Blue Foundation for National STEM Day. CIENCIA’s grant was part of a total grant of $135,000.

November 8 is National STEM Day. The date, when written NOV8, reminds us of “innovate,” a STEM goal.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Increasingly, 21st century education focuses on these areas. The fastest-growing jobs are in these areas, and this trend is expected to continue through the century.  National STEM Day is a day to encourage STEM education in schools and at home.

CIENCIA has a mission to “democratize science.” Its highly committed global network of more than 9,000  STEM professionals and educators is working to rebuild and transform science education in Puerto Rico.

One focus is to use STEM disciplines to empower students to improve their problem-solving skills. These skills can be used in the service of restoring and rebuilding the Island. CIENCIA brings working STEM professionals into classrooms and teacher trainings to develop a culture of science as well as to excite students about STEM fields.

EcoExploratorio, a science museum and another grant recipient, is using the funds they receive to produce a program called “In the Clouds,” focusing on aviation and related science study. The program will be presented to girls ages 10-14 in San Juan.

Other aviation-related programs are also involved in JetBlue’s efforts. JetBlue provides grant funding, as well as mentoring and other support for STEM and aviation education programs in Puerto Rico.

JetBlue is a New York based airline.



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