What can you do today to help statehood become a reality?

  1. Sign the petition. We have more than 35,000 signatures already, but we know that more signatures will make it even more clear that Congress must pay attention.
  2. Contact your legislators. Puerto Rico has a non-voting Resident Commissioner. She supports statehood strongly. But if you live in one of the 50 States, you have representatives in the House and Senate who have votes. Let them know that Puerto Rico matters to you.
  3. Tweet to your legislators. Members of Congress pay attention to social media. Use the Sound Off widget on the right, or find your legislators’ Twitter accounts and tweet to them. Research shows that it doesn’t take hundreds of tweets to make the point — your tweet matters!
  4. Tweet these suggestions to your followers, too! Each of us knows a different group of people, so the more people tweet, the more people we can reach. I took action to make Puerto Rico the 51st state! Will you do the same?
  5. Share this page at Facebook! There are buttons for sharing below this post. You know that plenty of your friends get most of their news at Facebook. Let this be part of their news.
  6. Follow us at Facebook, and join the conversation. Make yourself heard!
  7. Download the Case for Statehood in Spanish and/or English and share the information.
  8. Link to this page or to the petition page at your blog. We’ll come visit you and share your post on social media!
  9. Write an article for your local paper, your college paper, or your organization. We know that the people of the United States will stand up for civil rights when they understand the issues. It’s time for Puerto Rico to be heard!
  10. Share our articles and videos and the articles you see elsewhere that explain the unacceptable position of Puerto Rico. The better people understand these issues, the closer we are to statehood.

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