Lin-Manuel Miranda has partnered with to produce a new series of videos designed to encourage tourism on the Island.

Episode 1, “Rediscover,” follows Lin-Manuel Miranda and his father from the airport to the rain forest, enjoying food, drink, and the arts. Episode 8, “Coffee,” narrows in on the coffee industry on the Island.

The episodes in between delve into people and places tourists might enjoy.

  1. Rediscover
  2. Reverse Commute
  3. Old San Juan
  4. Vega Alta
  5. Salsa
  6. Calle Loiza
  7. Public Art
  8. Coffee

The very brief videos are beautifully produced and paired with words and pictures that help website visitors plan their visits to Puerto Rico. Described as a “gift to Puerto Rico,” the series communicates, according to Miranda, that “Puerto Rico is sending a bold message that it is ready for visitors and open for business.”

Tourism in Puerto Rico

Readers might be surprised to learn that tourism has not been as strong an industry in Puerto Rico as in neighboring islands. Tourism accounted for just 6% of economic activity before the 2017 hurricane season.

But tourism is coming back strong after Hurricane Maria. Government sources say record-setting numbers of tourists are arriving via cruise ships and hotel revenue is higher than ever.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is in a strong position to introduce new visitors to less well-known attractions on the Island. The New York Times named Puerto Rico as their #1 top place to go. Puerto Rico is getting good press as a tourist destination from influential people and publications.

George Clooney, as brand ambassador for Nespresso, is encouraging the coffee industry, and Lin-Manuel Miranda might have this in mind as well, given that one episode is entirely devoted to coffee.

The government tourism organization has emphasized that they want to see a shift from “Puerto Rico is open for business,” which they call the comeback story, to “Puerto Rico is thriving.”  They’ve found that these positive narratives encourage visitors to come to Puerto Rico — and to stay longer.



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