A $19 billion disaster aid bill passed through Congress and has been signed by President Trump, who said that Puerto Rico should love him for his help. “Without me,” he said, “they would have been shut out!”

Chuck Schumer said, “This is a lie.” He claimed that President Trump actually delayed the funds. The White House suggested that the $600 million for nutritional aid in the disaster package was “excessive” and that Puerto Rico didn’t need more food support. President Trump mistakenly claimed that Puerto Rico had already received $91 billion in disaster aid. He also bickered with Puerto Rico leaders on Twitter, swapping insults with the Mayor of San Juan.

Observers agreed that the disaster relief bill was delayed by controversy over funds for Puerto Rico.

Others connected the administration’s shaky disaster response in Puerto Rico with the long delay over the disaster bill.

Where’s the controversy?

The administration didn’t fight over whether Texas and Florida should receive disaster relief funds. Nobody suggested that Georgia ought to be more grateful. Nobody said California couldn’t be trusted with disaster relief funds.

The state of Puerto Rico will not face an emotional firestorm after a Category 5 storm, the way the territory has. Share on X

States and territories are not the same.

The solution to Puerto Rico’s problems is statehood. Tell your legislators that it’s time for statehood for Puerto Rico.



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  1. We are Citizens we shouldn’t have to keep begging for help we are Americans before Trump was born…

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