HR8393, the Puerto Rico Status Act, is a bill that will give Puerto Rico the power to choose a permanent political status from the constitutionally viable options:

  • Statehood
  • Independence
  • Free Association

This bill has been introduced in Congress and passed by the House Natural Resources Committee. It needs a vote on the floor of Congress before it can become law.

We support statehood for Puerto Rico. We believe that this is the best choice for Puerto Rico and for the United States as a whole.

HR8393 offers a choice. It is the first legislation negotiated by supporters of all the possible status options, and the first one that does not include the current territory status.

Please take action to encourage your representatives to step up and show themselves on the right side of history. There is still time for this Congress to make an end to Puerto Rico’s colonial status their legacy.

Please share this with your friends and family, especially those who live in the states. embers of Congress are most likely to be influenced by their voters.



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