Congressman Rob Bishop told NPR’s Laura Sullivan that he supports statehood for Puerto Rico. “Cong. Rob Bishop says it’s time for Puerto Rico to become a state,” she tweeted.

Here’s what Rep. Bishop said, according to Sullivan’s tweet: “They are Americans. They have a history of patriotism. They are a clear part of the country.”

This tweet is a teaser for a Frontline documentary on Puerto Rico.  The story explores FEMA’s work and the problems they faced — as well as the problems Puerto Rico continues to face.

FEMA responded in the documentary, feeling defensive.

The truth is, Puerto Rico would not be in this position if Puerto Rico were a state. Texas and Florida are not in this position. They have the political power, because they have senators and congressional representatives, to get the attention of Congress. They have rights laid out in the United States Constitution, because they are states.

It’s not just seven months without power

Part of the problem is that Puerto Rico, as a territory, is powerless. Before, during, and after the disaster, Puerto Rico was not a priority for Congress and was not treated equally with the states.

But that’s not the whole problem. Because Puerto Rico has been a possession of the United States for more than a century. Puerto Rico’s power grid was allowed to fall into disrepair. Puerto Rico’s roads didn’t get the funding that roads get in states. Puerto Rico’s water system has actually been sanctioned by the EPA. Because Puerto Rico is a powerless territory, the entire island was vulnerable in a way that a state would never have been.

Rob Bishop is Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee. That’s the committee in charge of Puerto Rico. By stepping up and saying that Puerto Rico should be a state, Bishop has done something important.

Only Congress can make Puerto Rico a state. Support for Puerto Rico statehood in Congress is essential for Puerto Rico’s admission. So we ask you to tweet thanks to Rep. Bishop by clicking the tweet below.

Thank you, @RepRobBishop, for standing up for statehood for Puerto Rico. #PR51st Share on X

Tell your legislators that you want statehood for Puerto Rico, too. Use the Sound Off widget on the right, send an email, tweet, or write a letter.  Puerto Rico has formally asked for statehood and Congress can make it happen.



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  1. As the proud daughter of a BORINQUENEER, WWII and Korean vet who served 20 years, and who relentlessly worked towards statehood for PUERTO RICO, my family and I want to humbly thank you for speaking in favor of statehood for us. As you can see for yourself, we are Americans in every aspect of our lives. We speak, write and read English even those that say they don’t speak, understand. We love the American way of living with our freedom intact, law abiding citizens and a dual culture. I have passed on to my children my American heritage and they follow in my steps. My father was forever telling us that he was ve ry proud to have served in the US ARMY. He joined at the tender age of 17. It was his life, the Army forged his character, his beliefs, his braveness, devotion to duty, valor, commitment, respect, integrity and I could go on and on. He was 92 when he left us and he would say that if he had to do it all again, he was ready. He was my mentor, friend, accomplice, confidant and father in that order! I thank you Mr. Bishop and I pray that God give you the strength and courage you will need to instill the need to convince Congress to make PUERTO RICO the 51st State of the Union. May God bless AMERICA and May God bless you.

    • In behave of my father who was a Korean veteran and my family and myself. Thank you Rob Bishop for speaking for Puerto Rico. We want equality and to incorporate the island into a state. Enough with the colony . More than 100 yrs is not working anymore. I hope that the Congress will take action into this matter and grant what we as Americans citizens deserve.

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