Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has announced his support for the admission of Puerto Rico as a state. Scott said that the U.S. should “respect the will of the people of Puerto Rico,” according to the Associated Press.

Scott was referring to the fact that more than half a million voters — 97% of those who turned out — chose statehood in the last referendum held in June 2017. While turnout for the plebiscite was low, this is not relevant for votes in the United States. It is common for votes to have single-digit turnout, and in the American system, that is not a factor.

Puerto Rico has also formally requested statehood from the U.S. Congress.

So Governor Scott is correct that the people of Puerto Rico have already expressed their will. We agree that it’s time for the U.S. Congress to respect the will of the people.

Thank you, @FLGovScott, for supporting statehood for Puerto Rico. #PR51st Click To Tweet

Scott was campaigning in Kissimmee, a town with a large population of people of Puerto Rican heritage. At the rally, Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González-Colón endorsed his candidacy, saying, ““Governor Rick Scott has been a consistent leader, supporter and advocate for the Puerto Rican community and for our families both on the island and here in Florida. He made a commitment to help our community even before Hurricane Maria made landfall and has truly followed through.”

Scott responded, “I appreciate Congresswoman González-Colón’s support as we continue to work together on behalf of the Puerto Rican community in Florida and across our nation.”

Puerto Rico’s Governor Rossello has asked Puerto Ricans in the states to vote for those who support statehood for Puerto Rico.



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  1. GREAT! Also, Governor Rick Scott, at my invitation, came in 2013, to a Patriots Gathering that Honored and and supported the US 65th Infantry (Borinqueneers) Congressional Gold Medal that was later approved by our US Congress and US President.

    Rick Scott, also, presented the Florida Veterans Medal to about 67 Borinqueneers present. Florida was the first State in our NAtion to do so…

    Thus, the fact is–Rick Scott has read some of my comments on EQUAL TREATMENT-Rights under just Laws…; been supporting Puerto Rico long ago~! Viva Rick Scott! HOOAH!
    Dennis Freytes-Florida Veterans hall of Fame (1st Hispanic-Boricua; presented by Florida Governor Rick Scott; FL House; FL Senate; name inscribed inside the Florida Capitol)

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