PR51st recently conducted a survey among our readers. We were very pleased to learn that more than 93% of you said that PR51st inspires you to take action and voice your support for statehood. We also appreciated the hundreds of answers to “What would you like to see from PR51st in the future?” Some of the answers were specific topics and questions you would like to see answered, and we will be following up on your questions and comments.

One comment was that we should explain which Puerto Rico flag is the real flag. The simple answer is that it is the flag shown at the top of this post.

Here is the history lesson.

The first flag flown in Puerto Rico was the flag of Castile, the castle and lion flag of the Kingdom of Spain.

Next came the national flag of Spain.

As Puerto Rico tried to gain independence from Spain, the Lares flag began to show the elements of the eventual flag of Puerto Rico: the red, white, and blue colors and the white star.

A pale blue flag was developed in 1895, based on the Cuban flag of 1849.

In 1952, Puerto Rico adopted the current flag along with the constitution.

Today, the flag of Puerto Rico is flown along with the flag of the United States, just as state flags are.

Another respondent to there survey had a plan for the future involving a flag: “A 51st Star added to Our Star Spangled Banner!”



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