There is no question that Statehood would benefit Puerto Rico. Not only do we have the historical evidence showing that territories that become States become more prosperous, but we also know that States get more support from the federal government than territories do. Since States have more political power than territories and more influence over the Congress, we can be sure that Puerto Rico would have a stronger voice as a State than it currently has.

Puerto Rico’s current financial crisis proves that the current status isn’t working out for the Island.

But what does Puerto Rico have to offer the United States? Will having Puerto Rico as the 51st State be good for the U.S.?

Short answer: yes. Here’s a sampling of the goodies Puerto Rico has to offer the United States:

  • Cultural enrichment. Puerto Rico’s culture is already enriching the United States, since there are currently five million people of Puerto Rican descent living on the U.S. mainland. Puerto Ricans are the second largest Hispanic group in the U.S., after Mexican-Americans. Statehood will bring increased awareness and appreciation of Puerto Rico’s culture across the nation.
  • Natural resources. Puerto Rico has mineral deposits including copper, nickel, oil, and natural gas. As a State, Puerto Rico will be in a stronger position to harvest these minerals. Puerto Rico is also an ideal area for various kinds of renewable energy. Texas provides wind farms that benefit the nation as a whole and bring money into the State, and Puerto Rico has the capacity to do the same.
  • Rain forest. El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System.
  • Coral reefs. Puerto Rico is also home to coral reefs as well as many other specialized habitats. These locations provide opportunities for research as well as for tourism.
  • People. The people of Puerto Rico already serve as an important resource for the United States, serving in the military in impressive numbers and taking their places on the national stage. As a State, Puerto Rico would make it easier for U.S. businesses to connect with the Island’s educated, bilingual workforce.

True, the United States already benefits from Puerto Rico’s resources. As a State, however, Puerto Rico would be in a stronger position to make other States aware of the partnership opportunities that exist — and more of those opportunities would exist.



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      • Saludos culturales desde Yauco ,P.R. pueblo de 22 barrios y 45 mil habitantes y capital de Corsus italianos con haciendas grandes y pueblo de las BELLAS ARTES…Tiene mucha historia como el primer carro con tablilla 001 …y muchas cosas mas…

        • This is a pretty weak argument of benefits. I mean I was skeptical already of the value added besides reducing political gridlock in America but this is pretty pathetic. Like cmon. Best you have is natural resources?? That amount to what real value? Basically pennies. Not to be so negative but for Christsakes even Puerto Ricans don’t want to join the US. I say leave them to their own devices if they don’t want to vote and don’t want to be part of the US. Just hilarious how badly PR is looking a gift horse in the mouth here. It’s almost overwhelmingly a much much better deal for Puerto Rico than it is for the rest of America yet they still can’t even be convinced lol stupid

    • No, only looking to see what USA DO for them. Nothing really substantial to bring to table.
      We’ve our own poverty to overcome, fix your first then try again.

      • Agreed that we should focus on improving our situation. But I mean…..U.S. choose (invaded them…) to be there in the first place. May I suggest referencing historical facts before implementing any policies and furthering any economic instability that already exists. I agree that we should completely let them go OR officially make them a state. Keeping them in the situation they are currently in can be deemed unjust since they are “U.S. citizens,” yet they have no say in U.S. policy or elections. I believe one of the rights of a U.S. CITIZEN is the right the vote according to the twenty-sixth amendment.

        • Read the whole history of Puerto Rico before you make this judgement! Hey we’re a peaceful indigenous people.. invaded by many other countries and used up all their resources. They made the island what it is… did you know they were drafted to go to war but not able to vote. So typical of self righteous Americans!!let them go ??!!! After Americans used them and all their resources!! And used the small islands of Vieques and Culebra for military bomb testing!! You all really don’t know their history!!

        • Bro, you’re not wrong but every time they have the opportunity to choose for themselves they choose to not choose at all. Like wtf! Voter turnout is hovering around 50% each time and each time there is no real majority, rather a split opinion. US should just cut them loose and watch how quickly they get their act together to vote to be a state then once they realize they’re cutting off their nose to spite their face. Why does US even bother when clearly PR can’t even make decisions for themselves.

      • Read the whole history of Puerto Rico before you make this judgement! Hey we’re a peaceful indigenous people.. invaded by many other countries and used up all their resources. They made the island what it is… did you know they were drafted to go to war but not able to vote. So typical of self righteous Americans!!

        • If what you’re saying is correct then why tf don’t Puerto Ricans actually go out and vote to self determine? They literally cannot mobilize or make a definitive vote on this subject for over 30 years!!

          If they can’t choose for themselves then America should choose to cut them off. Not like the’resources’ we ‘stole’ are worth more than all the aid PR has received since then! Lol hilarious

    • Another thing that everyone forgets and I think it’s most important in regards to Puerto Rico becoming a state is that it’s a bridge to the Latin American countries and the Antilles Archipelago and keeping American Troops and a military presence in the island is definitely a safeguard to the mainland of the United States!

  1. Why would we want a state that is in major debt and would need billions of dollars just too get it out of third world conditions

    • It is the current status quo that has been keeping Puerto Rico in third world conditions. We have been colonized since 1493, since 1898 by the U.S. We can’t pull ourselves up by our bootstraps when you are holding our shoes.

      • Well Said. Ignorance its trully daring!!! People should read and know before speaking of such an important suject. Thank You Isaac

      • Bro you can’t even mobilize voter turnout or a decisive vote decision on the subject and you’re saying the US is holding you back? Lmao good one

        You’ve had like 6 attempts to make a decision and still haven’t in like 40 years. Why we keep wasting our time is my real question

    • Only 60% have a high school diploma. PR has a 93% literacy rate. Roving gangs of thugs that are out of control. It would be nice to see PR citizens who came to the USA to get degrees return to PR to help teach and educate the remaining people on the island. It will take a combined effort to try to pull yourselves up.

    • It’s like that because of the abuse from all the invading of other countries. Corruption of government from USA to Puerto Rico rich politicians! That’s never told!! The indigenous people never had a chance from the beginning of their invasion. Where used up by many others then left to fend for themselves.

    • we pay almost all taxes except the federal tax
      but this is mainly because services the federal goverment normally takes care of the federal goverment doesnt even touch
      also we pay the same and sometimes more amount of payroll tax but only get 70 percent of its benefits
      this means that social security and medicare here are much weaker and smaller.
      Also even though money is a factor its much bigger than that. This is about equal rights and political freedoms to 3 million Americans. The myth that we only have wanted statehood since the crisis is wrong. If you look at all the elections one can notice a increase ever 1960 for statehood support. Each year statehood support grows massively.

      • Hey what’s the crisis that u spoke about . I’m doing a paper on how Puerto Rico benifits from America currently could u please please please give me 2 more reasons and also tell me what the crisis was plsssss

        • Puerto Rico has been in a financial crisis for some years. The Island also was struck by Hurricane Maria in 2017, earthquakes, and more tropical storms. The U.S. owns Puerto Rico, and the federal government provides funds for Puerto Rico, but not as much as it does for states. Puerto Rico has officially requested statehood, and statehood would make Puerto Rico equal with all the other states. This would be a great benefit. Good luck on your paper!

      • Thank You . Someone who really knows the history of Puerto Rico!! Joe obviously thinks like most people in the U.S

  2. In other words has nothing to offer to the nation.. just another welfare, populist state.. its not a win situation to the USA

    • kind of wrong actually
      first of all we would start paying federal taxes
      second of all tarrifs coming from both countries would be lower leading to a massive decrease of prices
      puerto rico has a very strong pharmaceutical industry and by introducing puerto rico as a state drug prices would go down by alot
      if you dont mind me asking, form what state are you eli?

      • I mean I would have suggested the political benefit of adding a state over everything you said honestly but still the case is quite weak. Also are you sure your pharma industry would get the nod from USDA etc without huge investment to get your industry up to spec? Cause my guess is no

  3. Seems a bit too hopeful. In reality, the state of Puerto Rico would need a large increase in aid, just to get basic necessities up to par. IE-electrical grid, water treatment plants, divisional fuel transport. Money will come from other states to subsidize the building process. Which, since it has no viable economic capability, means that money wouldn’t be able to be payed back in revenue terms. The only thing that Puerto Rico offers on an economical level, is tourism. The resources you site, are not developed and a simple Google search shows there isn’t much to the natural gas findings.
    Puerto Rico needs the United States statehood FAR more then the United States needs Puerto Rico.
    Culture (food, music..ect) doesn’t bring much more than new yoricans have already brought. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but Puerto Rico would be better, trying to make their own way like the Dominican Republic. At least DR doesn’t look to anyone else to fill in the gap.

    • So Puerto Rico has nothing to offer the US. Copper, nickel, & natural gas are things the US already produces. I am not sure why you would list a rain forest & culture. Coral reefs??? People??? That’s not offering anything productive. I’m all for Puerto Rico to become an independent country.

      • How about the Lifes of so many Soldiers that have made the ultimate sacriface in the name of USA???? Like my Father RIP. what about them. Do you think they deserve it????

        • Yes!! I agree!! May your father rest in Peace. I thank him for his service. So many U.S people don’t know the history of Puerto Rico. They pass so much judgement on them. United States is responsible to help them! They have used them. It’s the same sad story of U.S they use anything from people to to their lands only for their own benefit then it’s left alone!!

        • Pretty sure those soldiers get the same Benefits pension retirement every US soldier gets. Are you saying they deserve a vote and voice too cause everytime you’re given a chance to vote, you guys deadlock

    • Tell the Congress to let us go then. your comment is so selfish and without substance!!!! its Nonsence

  4. Regardless of what Puerto Rico can or cannot offer to the rest of the United States is pointless. Puerto Rico deserves statehood. If we only looked at revenue then there would be a few states that receive more Federal aid than what they “pay” in.

  5. Puerto Rico has to offer our most valueble resource to the USA. Our People, our Culture, our music, our folklore our outstanding food and our Beautiful and strategic location Land!!!! I will be more than glad to show the greatness of it all. I will give you the Tour of your Live. Borned in the USA NYC and have lived the greater time of my Live here. I am so proud and Greatfull to my ancesters and family. The values , the Faith I have in God, and our History and Culture in general. I assure i will surprise you and prove you wrong. Puerto Rico Hearted people can Show many americans how to Love and Live Thank You. George

    • I wish the damn thing would sink and leave a few bubbles behind. PR is nothing but an entitled rock. Don’t be naive people, the only reason PR exist is for US strategic military reasons. An old excuse was Rosey Roads Naval Base, but they closed that in March 2004 and gave it to the island. Like what the bloody hell are they going to do with that? They don’t pay their own bills now! Cuba is only 90 miles from the US and we fought like hell for Guantanamo Bay but we don’t own the damn country because we don’t need it.

  6. Laughable 😂😂😂 Puerto Rico and the rest of the USVI will always be territory and not states! You barely make any significant contributions to the U.S.A. The U.S. allotted you free reign of your countries but need the water ways for military and cargo! Hence we protect those 3rd world countries!

      • These Non Puerto Rican people comments don’t surprise me. They don’t know the real Puerto Rico. They make their comments without knowing the real history. It typical U.S comments from ignorant people.

  7. Yes Puerto Rico a 51st. State. It’s a disgrace that Congress is not taking serious the referendum of the people for Statehiod. I ask President Trump to get invived because withoutvhim nothing gets done. Or will ever get down with these wretch politicans who only care about there own pockets and positions. What a didgrace President Trump has been the Greatest President . HE WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY. HE LOVES PUERTO RICO!

    • He does not love Puerto Rico. If you go back and read an article how he wanted to sell Puerto Rico to Denmark. First his said he wanted to give this obscene amount of money to help P.R , of course it was an election year 2020.. then he totally pushed it all aside. Yes , Trump had to be the worst President Ever!!!

  8. My parents are both Puerto Rican and my dad is now a lieutenant colonel in the Army. Puerto Rico is an amazing island with many talented people. All my life I have heard people outside of the island talk down on Puerto Rico. Yes there are a lot of things wrong with it, but we have a lot of good too. Puerto Rico can take two routes and either become a independent country, which they have the right to leave just like the colonist did with Great Britain. We wouldn’t have to pay certain redundant taxes to the United States, such as medicare because why should a civilian have to pay for medical services if he or she can’t even afford it. Lets also not forget how Trump even gave us “money” to rebuild after Hurricane Maria which now is being taken away from us just for his wall. At this point you can say Trump just wants to leave his mark because he is scared he might not even make the next election. He promised us money to rebuild but now he is keeping it for his own selfish use, nice job Mr. President. Lastly if we were to join the United States and become the 51st state our economy would drastically increase and be able to manufacture more bringing more money to the Unites States. Even if it is little at the start, something is better than nothing.

    • How would Puerto Rico be able to make more money for the US if they are in just as bad of debt as the US is. Puerto Rico doesnt really have anything beneficial to offer the US. It is true that they have music and its a great land but it would also ruin our econoomy worse than it already is.

  9. Most people in the US don’t want it to become a state because it doesn’t help the US. Paying federal taxes would be a tiny drop in the bucket. PR may deserve statehood but you’ll be hard pressed to convince the main land a third world island needs to be part of their problem.

    • Theordore Roosevelt & his rough rider`s gave Puerto Rican`s US citizenship so that Puerto Rican men can get drafted during World War 1. Nothing is free!!!! And I know this to be true because my great grandfather fought in World War 1. Complain about it to the United States they hold the power. You people are very misinformed. Also, write to congress to drop the Jones Act so that Puerto Rico can trade on there own to make there own money. Puerto Rican`s are the best people that I know even w/ all there faults. You don`t even know you`re own American history. Puerto Rico is part of American history. Because the US government chose for it to be that way. If you want to complain then complain about Israel getting money then and other countries. At least PR`s r US citizen`s and fight in all of American war`s. The other countries are the biggest welfare recipient`s & don`t give anything to our country. But nothing is mentioned about that. It`s pure hatred towards certain people. You guy`s r pure racist!!! Ha!!! PR is not a 3rd world Island. If it is. Then the US is a 4th world country because I know both. The homes are beautiful. Even regular middle class people have a bidet in there washroom. Which I have never seen one in a middle class American home. This is just one example. And there are ton`s of professional`s. What PR hurt you or turned you down. The only time I talk bad about someone is when I am jealous or envious. Ha!!!! Boricua!!!

      • Well said!! You know the history.. seriously I think the people of the U.S are afraid someday of a Puerto Rican president. Puerto Ricans are strong people. They wait so long for help when they are struck with horrific hurricanes. Their own people do more for each other than U.S I remember when Florida was hit by hurricane recently and DeSantis was DEMANDING help from Biden!!! He got too. Things were up and running in no time. I guess Floridians are more important.. I know of people in P.R who banded together and started working because they knew U.S would leave them behind as always..

        • Lmao best comment so far! Afraid of a Puerto Rican president lmao

          We were terrified of the large fat cheeto president. POC are vastly preferred over old fat white men that are going to lie and pad their own pockets. You’re hilarious lady

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