New polls on presidential candidates show such varying numbers that it is impossible to say with confidence which candidates the voters prefer. One recent poll put the Republican candidates in this order:

1. Ben Carson: 24%
2. Donald Trump: 23%
3. Marco Rubio: 12%
4. Jeb Bush: 8%
4. Ted Cruz: 8%
Interestingly, the same poll shows Donald Trump in the lead for “the one candidate you don’t want to see win.” Bush took second place on that question.
A new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post found clearer numbers among the Democrats:
1. Hillary Clinton: 62%
2. Bernie Sanders: 31%
3. Martin O’Malley: 3%

But we are getting more information about where candidates stand on Puerto Rico.

  • Ben Carson favors statehood, saying that Puerto Rico has “paid your dues” and that “the question of statehood is settled.”
  • Jeb Bush spoke out in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico, saying “statehood is the best path.”
  • Marco Rubio hasn’t specifically endorsed statehood, but has proposed that “Puerto Rico should have a federally-sponsored vote on the island with two choices: become a state or not. If a majority of Puerto Ricans votes yes, Congress and the next president should respect their will and do what’s necessary to admit them as the 51st state.”
  • Bernie Sanders has released a statement on Puerto Rico which supports congressional action but does not mention statehood.
  • Hillary Clinton also has spoken in favor of action to help Puerto Rico and respect for Puerto Rico’s status preference, without endorsing statehood.
  • Martin O’Malley has endorsed statehood for Puerto Rico.



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