Puerto Rico Statehood Commission Implements the Tennessee Plan

The seven members of the Puerto Rico Statehood Commission, along with Governor Ricardo Rossello and Resident Commisssioner Jenniffer Gonzalez, formally requested admission of Puerto Rico as the 51st state.

The bipartisan commission ran down the reasons that Puerto Rico wants and needs statehood.

“There are only two permanent options: we can become a state or we can become independent,” said Former Senate President Charlie Rodríguez Colón, one of the commissioners. “The people of Puerto Rico do not want independence.”

“We are proud Puerto Ricans,” he continued, “and we are also proud U.S. citizens.”

Rodríguez Colón mentioned that he has heard people say that Puerto Rico should recover from the hurricane before moving on toward statehood. “Deal with that first,” he quoted such people as saying. “People who say that are wrong. Dead wrong. The only way that we are going to recover fully is if we put Puerto Rico on the path to statehood.”

The response to the hurricanes, Governor Rossello said, showed Americans in general that Puerto Rico is not treated equally by the federal government. It also helped Americans in general to understand that Puerto Rico belongs to the United States and that the residents of Puerto Rico are citizens. This awareness, the governor suggested, is one of the reasons that it is now time for Puerto Rico to become the 51st state.

The people of the United States do not have to ratify Puerto Rico’s admission as a state. Congress can make Puerto Rico a state by a simple majority vote.

But Congress will not take action unless their constituents demand it. Governor Rossello asked “brethren” all across the nation to support Puerto Rico equality through statehood.

“This is the civil rights issue of the time,” he said. “It is a great day for Puerto Rico. It is a great day for the United States. It is a great day for Civil Rights.”

Ask your representatives if they support Puerto Rico in the Tennessee Plan. If they do, please support them. If not, consider following through on Governor Rossello’s promise not to support those who “turn their backs on Puerto Rico.”

Wilfidia Marchione

I do support the statehood of PR its such a beautiful island. I was born in PR and come to the states with my parents when i was 2 years old. I am looking forward for PR to became a state to someday be able to live there and not be afraid. If we are citizens of the United States we might as well become the 51st state, Congress we want statehood
For PR.

Margie Ackerman

Yes I agree & support statehood for Puerto Rico. P.R. belongs to the UNITED STATES & are citizens of U.S. so it’s time for P.R. to become the 51st State of the UNITED STATES of America a long time ago.

Mary Gonzalez

Is better for all Puerto Rican and to stoovthe abused of the miss handling the AAA electricity by the previous and present Presisedent Haramillo….

Mary Gonzalez

Is also be Good to privatetize all the mayor hospital so we don’t loose more doctors and elderly humanatary bee treated as a good united STATE citizen and we are are worth as any American in all 5o state…. I want to PUERTO Rico to be the next 51 State Of America….

Manuel Candelaria

We want congress to know that we are citicen of the United State, and we want statehood for Puerto Rico. Thank You.

Javier M Santos

If I agree that Puerto Rico be granted statehood as soon as possible since we are part of the American nation over one hundred years ago.

Ramon Rivera

I really support Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 to become a state it will really help us in many ways and we are proud US citizens already I was born in Bristol PA


IT time for Puerto Rico to be state . We already citizens. We need to be the 51 state of USA. People need to understand that we are living different time. Enough is enough we need to be trat the same as people that live in USA . We go the war we fight we them . Er

Santiago Arias Collazo

I am a 69 year old puertorrican man who served our country (USA) in the National Guard during the Vietnam War era. I was assigned to the Military Police division and received my specialized training in Fort Gordon, Ga. I retired from Bristol Myers Squibb, a USA pharmaceutical company, after 36 years of service as a National Hospital Sales Manager. I am married and have a daughter who is an Interventional Pain Management Physician who attended college in Rochester University, NY and trained in UPR and Temple Schools of Medicine, practiced in Delaware, Freehold , NJ and actually practices in the state of Fla. Me and my wife are Medicare beneficiaries . As a child I lived in the state of Ohio. As me there are a lot of american citizens that in some way or another are attached to this great nation. These are some of the many reasons me and my family would like and request statehood.

Ruben Caraballo

The US takes from Puerto Rico. It is time to give back. It was an atrocity how the US was handled after the hurricane. I’m sure as a state it would have done differently.

Hector Hernandez

First from a natural disaster Puerto Rico barely gets the help any human being needs. Now the US wants to make Puerto Rico part of the USA. Clearly sounds with conditions and manipulating Puerto Rico while they are at mercy. I say No way USA.

Alberto A. Miranda

Felicito a todos los integrantes de la comisión de igualdad ” plan Tennesse” ,y que sigan adelante y reunirse con la mayor cantidad posible de congresistas y senadores y paralelamente organizar la comunidad de puertorriqueños en los distintos estados y ciudades claves , para que participen del proceso de elecciones nacionales para elegir personas al congreso y al senado que se comprometan con impulsar legislación para colaborar para la admisión de PR, cómo estado #51

Carmen Morales

We need statehood, now, we are American citizen, and United we serve, the country, and it is time that Puerto Rico, becomes the state51




I don’t think it’s a good idea to make it a State at this point they have too much debt and is just too much corruption, and with their current mentality of gimme gimme I deserve it for doing nothing liberal mentality it wouldn’t be wise


My Father go to the second war my uncle go to Korea and my Vietnam and myself IRAQ.Thank you.

Gerardo Benitez

During war more troops from Puerto Rico have been deployed than any other state to defend the United States. We honor this great nation and deserve to be treated equal. I support Puerto Rico State 51

Evelyn RAMOS

Puerto Ricos’ American citizens need
equal rights and treatment as the CONUS American citizens. We need to be made the 51st State of the Union. Stop the benign neglect of PR and live up to an honorable decision to make us a state. I served with honor, my brother served with honor, my son is serving with honor and many more family and friends have sworn loyalty to the nation that has neglected us. It’s time we be given equality. We were born in NY and love our nation as well as our island. Make us whole by recognizing who we’ are – an integral part of the USA.


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