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The Philippines used to be a territory of the United States. People born in the Philippines were U.S. nationals, like the people born in American Samoa. We have written before about why the Philippines did not become a state, but as far as we know the idea of statehood for the Philippines was never that popular either in the Philippines or in the United States.

We were therefore surprised to see a state seal for the Philippines.

Actually, this is from The Adobo Chronicles, a satirical blog that bills itself as “your best source of up-to-date unbelievable news.”

“The Southeast Asian country has become very strategic for the United States, especially in light of recent developments involving China and its territorial claims on islands in the South China Sea — claims contested by the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries,” the column ran. “In anticipation of statehood, the Philippines has already designed its proposed state flag.”

“The Adobo Chronicles® recently conducted an informal poll among members of the current U.S. Congress and the results show an amazing statistical dead heat,” the piece continues. “Our poll showed 267.5 legislators in favor of Puerto Rico and 267.5 in favor of the Philippines.”

The Adobo Chronicles also announced that Kansas is the 51st state.

A running joke

This idea is a running joke for the Chronicles. In 2016, they announced a referendum on statehood, linking to a petition proposing U.S. statehood for the Philippines. In 2015 and 2019 they reported on imaginary bills in Congress granting the Philippines U.S. statehood, referencing actual events in which members of the U.S. Congress criticized the Philippines.

The implication is usually that the United States, by overstepping the bounds of its relationship with the Philippines, is trying to annex the former territory.

Can a nation become a state?

In fact, it is possible for an independent country to become a state. Texas was the Republic of Texas when the residents petitioned for statehood. It was involved in a war with Mexico, which did not at that point recognize the independence of Texas, but the United States accepted it as an independent nation.

We’re not expecting this outcome for the Philippines. Puerto Rico will surely be the 51st state.



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