Frequent commenter Atace left a comment detailing the value of statehood for Puerto Rico. We reproduce it here for those who might have missed it on the original post.

It’s honoring and preserving our Constitutional fortitude

Puerto Rico will continue to be congressionally and political powerless until it becomes a state of our union. The current powerless territorial status allows some congressional members – unelected by the US residents of Puerto Rico – to cater to special interests over the majority electorate will; a constant direct threat to our true constitutional strength and values.

It’s in our nation’s national security interest

Puerto Rico’s strategic location, has and will continue to be, of unmeasurable value to our national, regional, and international security. Allowing Puerto Rico to fall under radical extremists would be an indescribable American travesty.

It’s meeting our full potential

Blocking Puerto Rico statehood is blocking its sociopolitical and economic potential. Puerto Rico has the geographic and human capital to be a top state performer in one lifetime. A future strong Puerto Rico state will be a credit to our nation and in everyone’s best interest.

It’s uniting our American family

Over 5 million+ Puerto Ricans live and are a vibrant part of our communities in all 50 states. We must grant statehood to our island’s residents, friends, family, and colleagues, because without them, we are incomplete.



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