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Hello from Alberta,
We are in the process of registering the Alberta Statehood Party.

Joel Eastwood asked our thoughts on an article from Appalachian Magazine.

“When it comes to admitting new states, the United States has a history of admitting them in pairs — pairs that are often night and day for each other. This makes sense, because we are a diverse nation founded upon compromise and uniting with people with whom we disagree. This was illustrated throughout the days leading up to the Civil War when free state and slave state were often admitted together,” the article pointed out. It is in fact true that states have been admitted in pairs as a matter of tradition for so long that many people believe it’s a requirement.

“In today’s extremely divisive political climate, it would be hard to imagine a scenario in which the Republicans allowed both Puerto Rico and DC to be the next pair of states, as both would overwhelmingly tip the balance of power toward Democrats,” they continued. This is not true, actually. Puerto Rico would be a swing state. However, we know that many people hold this belief, too.

“Alberta, would be a gamechanger, however. The thought of Puerto Rico becoming a state might be more palatable to those on the right if the pot is sweetened with 255 million square miles of mostly uninhabited farmland rich in natural resources.”


Okay, before we go any further…where is Alberta? Who lives there?

Alberta is a province of Canada, just north of Montana. Apparently, there is an independence movement in Alberta which is much stronger than the independence movement in Puerto Rico. And one of the options being considered if they secede from Canada would be to join the United States as a state.

“If the proponents of Puerto Rican statehood were wise,” the article continues, “they would ally themselves with Alberta 51 movement. Though vastly different politically, demographically, geographically and pretty much any other ‘ically’ one can imagine, the two places are similar in population (3.1 million in Puerto Rico) and (4.3 million in Alberta) and if the two were admitted together, there would be little room for complaint from either side of the aisle.”

State #52

We had never heard of this idea before, but there is an Alberta Statehood Party. They clearly state that they are not an Independence Party. Their website immediately addresses the question of whether it is possible for Alberta to leave Canada.

The Canadian Constitution neither authorizes, nor prohibits, secession. While the province of Newfoundland joined Canada as recently as 1949, Quebec carried out a referendum to secede from Canada in 1995.

More importantly, Canada’s position is that Canada abides by international law. Further, the “gold standard” for secession in the international community is a true majority – 50% plus one vote. In fact, in 2004, the honorable British Parliament ruled that if Scotland wanted to secede, they could do so with a vote of 50% of the people, plus one vote.

We agree that a simple majority is indeed the gold standard for political decisions in a democracy.

As far as we can tell, Alberta has never held a referendum on statehood. But we found discussions of the idea online over the past few years. We will watch their efforts with interest.


Puerto Rico has been a territory of the United States for more than a century. The people of Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States, and have been since 1917.  The Island is governed by the U.S. Congress, but Puerto Rico has no voting representatives in the House, and no representatives at all in the Senate.

Puerto Rican voters cannot vote in presidential elections, and are not fully protected by the U.S. Constitution, even though the Island is bound by the laws of the Constitution. Workers in Puerto Rico pay Social Security taxes, but the territory can legally be treated differently from the states. In practice, that usually means that Puerto Rico gets less funding from the federal government than states do.

Puerto Rico is obviously in a different position from that of Alberta, or even Washington, D.C. Statehood for Puerto Rico is a matter of civil rights and equality. Please contact your legislators and let them know this is important.



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  1. Why Statehood in USA? – From Alberta Pro- Statehood Party

    The Canadian Constitution neither authorizes, nor prohibits, secession. While the province of Newfoundland joined Canada as recently as 1949, Quebec carried out a referendum to secede from Canada in 1995.

    More importantly, Canada’s position is that Canada abides by international law. Further, the “gold standard” for secession in the international community is a true majority – 50% plus one vote. In fact, in 2004, the honorable British Parliament ruled that if Scotland wanted to secede, they could do so with a vote of 50% of the people, plus one vote.

    The following twelve points we feel support the case for Alberta’s lawful secession, and then final admittance into the union of fifty states, as a brand-new sister state, under the US Constitution.

    EQUALIZATION – Since the 1950’s the Canadian government has stripped $633 billion dollars from Alberta and handed the provinces’ wealth out to almost all the other provinces, with Quebec being the chief beneficiary. This scheme represents the single greatest transfer of wealth ever seen in the western hemisphere, throughout history.

    So long as this transfer of wealth continues, Albertans will continue to be exploited, within the confines of their very own country. This ongoing transfer of wealth, carried out directly in the faces of powerless Albertans, reveals how the chains of colonialism are still very real, and still bind the hands and the feet of a people without power.

    The American form of government ensures that every state must be self-sufficient, to attain statehood. And, while every government in the world must impose a system of taxation, the United States was founded upon the principle that every state in the republic must be treated fairly, and equally, no matter how great or small that state might be.

    Therefore, the system of forced tribute which Albertans have lived under for more than fifty years would be rendered immoral, unlawful, and un-Constitutional, within the union. For the first time, Alberta would be treated as an equal among fifty sister states. And, this scheme of wealth transfer would come to an end, once and for all.

    FIREARMS – The US Constitution states: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Alberta would have the right to interpret and administer this clause, tailoring it to the wishes of Albertans.

    US CITIZENSHIP – As the world continues to prosper and develop, being granted US citizenship will open many doors and opportunities, for the people of Alberta. In fact, joining the union and obtaining citizenship will open the door to the possibility of one day having a US President from the Great State of Alberta.

    CARBON TAX – The State of Alberta will not impose any type of carbon taxes, unless the people vote upon it, and it is deemed to be the will of the people. Otherwise, the State of Alberta will never impose a carbon tax. Similarly, in the “liberal” state of Washington, carbon tax was put to a vote. The “liberal voters” voted “No” to carbon taxes.

    A tax such as carbon tax is a choice that the residents of the State of Alberta must make, themselves. By joining the US, the residents will be granted the rights and powers to make these choices, rather than having such choices imposed upon the people, against their very will.

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH – “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    As an American state, the people of the State of Alberta will write into their own state constitution the Albertan rendition of the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, that is fully compatible with the US Constitution, as well as fully palatable to the people of Alberta.

    ELECTION OF SENATORS – While senators in Canada are appointed, every American state – no matter how great or small – gets to ELECT two Senators, by popular vote, to represent the people of the state. These two Senators are elected for six-year terms.

    There are currently 100 US Senators who represent fifty states. They fill the highest office of the legislative body, the US Senate. As a State, Albertans will be allowed to vote for their own Senators, for the first time in Alberta’s history.

    SOVEREIGNTY FROM THE UNITED NATIONS – As a free and sovereign American state, American sovereignty will always take precedence over subservience to the United Nations.

    MILITARY PROTECTION – Alberta will enjoy the full benefit of US military protection. And, the State of Alberta will even arm its own “Alberta National Guard”, under the direction of the Governor of the State.
    FREE TRADE – The United States is Alberta’s number one trading partner. In fact, in 2019, Alberta exported over $100 billion dollars of products to the USA. Most Alberta’s exports are petroleum, or petroleum related. In becoming a state, Alberta will attain both RIGHTS, and VOICE, in the greatest free market in the world. While there are no international guarantees for either pipelines or gas lines crossing international boundaries, states cannot punish other states through trade barriers.

    Also, as a state, Alberta will benefit from the same Constitutional protections that protect the rest of the states of the union. No US President will be able to directly interfere with the economy of the State of Alberta, or exercise authority over either state or private land, in Alberta. This is a Constitutional protection that all American states enjoy. Trade and commerce will be regulated by Alberta, and with her sister states. Also, the State of Alberta will adopt the US dollar, which will contribute to economic stability, as she continues to carry out trade with the other fifty states.

    IDENTITY – Becoming an American state is not about losing one’s identity but emphasizing it! It would be an Alberta that is by Albertans and for Albertans. Joining the union will make it possible for Alberta to do this in a way that will never be possible in Canada.

    STATE CONSTITUTION – The people of the State of Alberta will be given the power to draft a state constitution that is reflective of the American form of government, found in the US Constitution. The state constitution will outline three branches of government: Legislative, Judicial, and Executive.

    Also, the state constitution will contain a system of checks and balances to ensure that one of the three branches can never deviate too far from the path laid down in the constitution. The state constitution will contain a Bill of Rights for residents of Alberta. The State of Alberta Bill of Rights will be derived from the Bill of Rights found in the US Constitution.

    STATE OF ALBERTA HEALTHCARE – The people of the State of Alberta will choose their own form of state healthcare, just as every American state has its own version of state healthcare.
    These are just a few facets of how statehood will profoundly change the lives of Albertans. Also, while Alberta is already economically reliant upon the United States, Alberta uniquely needs the United States in order to reach her greatest potential.

    As analysts like Peter Zeihan have pointed out, the lower 48 states contain all the rail, pipelines, refineries, ports, and capital, that Alberta will ever need, to become the most economically prosperous state in the union.

    When Alberta reaches her full potential, she will have a higher GDP than even Texas or California. She will one day become the most prosperous state in the union. And, the chains of colonialism will be gone, forever.

    Why would the USA want us? ************************

    Alberta owns the third largest oil reserves in the world (166 Billion barrels, compared to America’s 44 Billion barrels), it has a highly educated and hardworking populace, with a demographics similar to that of the USA.

    Two major metropolitan cities, two major universities, renowned bio-medical research, plus numerous performing arts venues and organizations makes Alberta an enviable society.

    We also speak English. ********************

    Alberta is a land of great resources and a well skilled, educated, youthful society. *********************

    Geopolitically, Alberta’s oil reserves coupled with America’s would position it within the range of the Saudis, greatly decreasing Russia and OPEC’s relevancy in the oil industry.

    We are of geopolitical significance to America. ****************

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    All rights reserved.

    Pros Cons – Alberta VS Puerto Rico – Food for thought ……………….

  2. I am an American, born in Ohio and raised in Arizona. I have studied this subject for two years. Canada was constructed on inequality. The original “Dominion” – or fusion of four colonies was carried out by an Act of the Queen, in 1867. This fused Ontario, Quebec and two other colonies, into a single political entity. This happened by CONSENT. But, what about the rest of the provinces of Canada? Did they also consent to join? In the regions of Western Canada, the areas of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, were practically seized by Dominion. There was no “referendum”. And, the governments of self-rule were overthrown. In essence, Canada was created as a form of colonialism within a country. The source of power is in the original Dominion. Even the voting system is weighted in favor of eastern Canada. None of the provinces have “constitutions”. Therefore, every new politician can “re-create the law” with the stroke of his pen. One law is gone, and a new law is there. There is no idea, as we have in the US, that the Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND. How do you have a fixed rule of law without a Constitution?? What they call a “Constitution” at the federal level is actually a bucket full of almost incongruous acts, many which came from a monarch sitting on an island in Europe (Britain).

    The issues that would drive Alberta to want to join the Union, under the Constitution, as an American state, are much the same as the issues Puerto Ricans live with – lack of representation, second class treatment, etc. The issues are much the same, because Canada was created as form of colonialism within a country. And, every American knows that the US is founded upon the belief that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.

    Also, the federal Canadian government has taken $680 BILLION DOLLARS from Alberta, and doled out the money to mostly eastern provinces, such as Quebec. This represents the single greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the entire western hemisphere.

    Ironically, Alberta is home to the third largest oil deposit in the world, yet its oil is almost “homeless”. Their oil reserve is five times larger than all the oil in the US, put together. Yet, the leaders of Canada are enriching themselves off the importation of OPEC oil into eastern Canada, while Alberta practically withers and sits on its own “homeless” oil. And, when it is sold to the US, it is sold at massive discount.

    Also, the US buys over 87% of everything that Alberta produces. Yet, Alberta has no say in the greatest marketplace in the world, where their economy is based. Why should Alberta not become a state? The thirteen colonies banded together to create a haven of freedom for all who were afflicted by monarchical powers of Europe.

    If Alberta joins the USA, Alberta plus Texas WILL BEAT OPEC! Please join us, Albertans! We need you and you need us! Go Alberta, USA!

    • Ben,

      Thanks for your insight. Amazing the correlation between PR and Alberta in terms of territorial colonialism and its geopolitical, social and economic implications. I suppose, PR is in slighter better shape than Alberta as P Ricans are American Citizens and they can always relocate to the mainland.

      I so appreciate the clear statements from the Alberta Pro Statehood party. In the polarizing, cynical, political and economic issues of our times, it is easy to forget that with all our flaws and imperfections, we Americans are lucky to be part of this great nation.

      Our citizen challenge, is to preserve our ability to voice our concerns through our electorate process against special interests corruption and influence. It is also to do everything within our power to protect our USA constitution.

    • Hi Ben,

      Thank you so much for your statement.

      As a southern Albertan and a member of the Alberta Statehood Party I can’t thank you enough for your support and knowledge that you bring forth. Everything you stated is true and correct. It gives me hope to see an American that has taken up the interest of our unique situation here. I truly believe that in order for our movement to gain any traction will also depend heavily on support from individuals such as yourself to have any chance of success.

      In the past the secession movement garnered much support in Alberta and even had elected members in provincial government. Canada’s federal government was so concerned that they sent military personnel into Alberta to ensure it didn’t progress any further. It was a clear shot across Alberta’s bow that the Golden Goose of Canada can not leave the compound. I believe next time we will require help from our U.S. friends in this regard.

      The issues in Alberta extend past just the energy sector. Albertans are under constant attack on many freedoms such as gun rights, property and protection rights and a plethora of taxes that continually rise well beyond the rate of inflation. The Canadian Charter of Rights is a piece of garbage, it is nothing more than a recommendation than a law. Its contents exercised at the pleasure of the federal government. It sits in the large shadow of the U.S. Constitution. Our current federal government just installed a cabinet that is the most extremist and ideologically socialist in the history of Canada. It is even alarming the moderates within its own elected party. This isn’t just a danger to Alberta it is also a danger to the United States. History has a nasty habit of repeating its self and this is how nations flip to Socialism or Communism. American security does not need this on its northern doorstep.

      Alberta beef producers are constantly under pressure from U.S. tariffs placed on their products in response to Canada placing massive tariffs on U.S. dairy producers. Most of Canada’s dairy producers reside in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia and benefit financially hugely from our federal governments cartel like policies, all at the expense to Alberta beef producers but because it’s Alberta that is being affected they are perfectly satisfied with that. The right people are being protected and served and the right people are suffering the consequences. Seeing how each of these regions votes only solidifies this theory.

      The way Canada’s political power structure is arranged will always require any political power to bend at the knee to the needs of the Ontario and Quebec electorate. No party can form or hold government without them. As a result they are constantly pandered to. Alberta only determines if the formed government holds a minority or majority government and only then, if the right circumstances occur between Ontario and Quebec. In most cases Alberta is totally impotent in regards to what party forms a federal government. They have no qualms throwing Alberta under the bus to gain favor within those provinces and frequently do so. It is why they are quite happy to hand hard working Albertans money to support their unsustainable social programs. They can continue to run massive deficits because they can just keep shoveling Alberta’s money at them to feed the monster and around and around it goes.

      I am an Alberta patriot first and foremost. Canada is a broken concept that can not be repaired and any attempt to do so is a fools folly. I celebrate the 4th of July, I proudly put out the American flag to celebrate. It is only because of the United States that we are free and safe as we are, not because of our Canadian socialist democracy. I would like nothing more than to witness the border between Alberta and Montana fall. The challenge will be getting our mind numbed citizens to understand the benefits of joining the Union and separate fact from fiction. Not an easy task.

      God Bless the United States
      God Bless Alberta

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