Prospero Ano Nuevo


We wish you a safe and prosperous New Year!



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  1. Welcome 2021!
    In Puerto Rico, we see the sunrise in Culebra, Vieques and Luquillo, and the sunset in Rincón, Mayaguez and Ponce. We touch the sky in Cerro de Punta, and feel the earth in las Cuevas de Camuy. We sense the tropical breeze while hearing the voices of Justino Diaz, Ana María Martinez, and the Cello of Pablo Casals. We look at our country side and marvel at the Paso fino’s gait. We scent the aroma of our fresh coffee flowers in maricao, and admire our orchids in Aibonito, Villalba and Cataño. We hike our rain forest – El Yunque, canoe in our rivers, swim in our beaches and glow at the sight of our bioluminescent bays. We taste our culinary delicacies throughout the island, and celebrate with our coquito. We explore the folkloric art of our artisans, and enjoy the variety of our music. We visit El Morro, El Castillo San Cristóbal, and El viejo San Juan – the oldest city under the American flag. We hear our native’s coqui sounds and blend them with our youths laughter. We applaud the diligence and discipline of our teachers and athletes. We celebrate our elders wisdom, our professionals successes, and the unity of our families. We support our first responders and those who care for the vulnerable. We are proud of our veterans / active military and thank them for their service, courage and determination.
    Whether we live in the island, or one of the 50 States, we cherished and value our American Citizenship. As proud Puerto Rican Americans, we bring our resilience, industriousness, creativity, intellect, warmth, and our magnificent island’s history and beauty, as the 51st State.
    2021 is the year Puerto Rico must be fully incorporated into the union. There is no place for territorial colonialism in today’s society. Puerto Rico must move forward. 2021 must be the year our USA Constitution is honored, and the American Citizens residing in PR are welcome, without hesitation, into our unique Constitutional Federal Republic.
    We hope our future legacy is one of unquestionable, unyielding strength, with Puerto Rico Statehood, enhancing our Nation’s greatness.

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