AOC on Puerto Rico Status

Popular congressional representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez spoke at the recent hearing on Puerto Rico’s status. As one of the original sponsors of HR 2070, the misleadingly named “Puerto Rico Self-determination… Read more »

The Constitution and the Commonwealth

The “commonwealth” party in Puerto Rico is trying to salvage the idea of the enhanced or perfected commonwealth, which has been rejected by every branch of the federal government, most… Read more »

What if Congress Does Nothing?

In the most recent hearing on Puerto Rico’s political status, a member of Congress objected to HR 1522 on the grounds that it doesn’t discuss whether Puerto Rico should have… Read more »

Puerto Rico’s Population Crisis

Jose Fuentes, former Attorney General of Puerto Rico, recently wrote in the Washington Times that the dramatic population loss in Puerto Rico is “a ticking time bomb.” “This population loss… Read more »