Florida Senator Rick Scott is a longtime supporter of Puerto Rico statehood. We believe that he should introduce a statehood admissions bill in the Senate. We believe that reaching out to Senator Scott makes it more likely that he will take this bold step.

If you live in Florida, you can use our handy tool to send an email to Senator Scott and also to Senator Rubio. We already have a draft message that you can send in a snap. Or you can write something from the heart and send it automatically to your senators.

If you don’t live in Florida, please share this with your friends and family who do.

Why do we need a statehood bill in the Senate?

The U.S. Congress has two parts: the House and the Senate. There is already a statehood admissions bill, HR 4901, in the House. Once that bill passes, the Senate must also pass a bill for Puerto Rico Statehood. This is part of the system for making laws in the United States.

Sometimes the House and Senate bills are exactly alike, and sometimes they are different and must get agreement from the two parts of Congress before they can become law. Either way, both the House and the Senate must agree before a bill can become a law.

Why Senator Scott?

Florida now has the largest Puerto Rican population of any of the 50 states. It is an important swing state, politically. Senator Scott already understands why Puerto Rico needs statehood. He has said publicly that the United States should “respect the will of the people of Puerto Rico.”

This shows that Senator Scott understands that Puerto Rico has already voted for statehood. He will not be confused or ignorant about the situation. He is therefore in a good position to take a leadership role on the statehood bill for the Senate.

Ask Senator Scott to take this step. If you don’t live in Florida and Rick Scott is not your senator, please ask your friends and family in Florida to speak up. It’s time for statehood for Puerto Rico.



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  1. I do not live in Florida, but thank Mr. Rubio for his support he is providing to the Puerto Rican community by advocating statehood for PR. Puerto Rico needs to be the next state. Let’s come together and make PR the -51- state, it’s long overdue. Thank You!!!!!

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